Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Boys and One Sweet Smellin' Gal

Today was hard. Like really hard.

They boys were on opposing sides allllllllll daaaaaaay loooonnnng. They just could not get along. At times they were violent. Violent to the point that I stopped to daydream for a moment about what it will be like if this happens a few years down the road when they've grown bigger and stronger. Will I still be brave enough to jump in the middle? Oh boy. Oh, two boys. Wowza.

And they got along so well yesterday. Shoulda' knocked on wood when I posted last night, I guess. Tomorrow they're going to bundle up and take their new sleds out for a test run in the yard. Hopefully that will help shake any remaining steam from today. 

But for now the littles and their daddy are in bed, tucked in tight, and this mama is taking a breather. A much needed breather. And it feels good. I've managed to mess around with some pictures, post a few, catch up with neglected blogs, eat a few cookies, and drink a glass of warm apple juice. (yeah, I like it warm) And now, now I feel ready to snuggle down under my quilt with my two littlest littles, watch a little bit of The Office, and hit the hay.

I love curling up with my sweet smelling gal each night. Tonight while I was nursing her to sleep she smelt sweeter than ever. Like baby's breath. I could lay around and do nothing but smell this girls skin.. That's how sweet it is. How sweet she is.

My little flower girl.

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