Thursday, April 28, 2011

time spent here

heart dancing wild
soul set to fly
this freedom i feel
reaches up to the sky

my lungs breathe easy
feet love to move
released onto this journey
im finding my groove

life moving forward
sunrise and sunset
still simply just me
are you feeling it yet

whole self on the grow
plant my seed in the ground
compass in your hand
yet lost and spinning round

scattered and searching
deep in the forest of your brain
one day to find
roots always remain the same

I spend a great amount of my time with my nose stuck to my journal and pen glued in hand these days. Our lives have been shifted and while at times it's hard for our littles {mostly our boys} to understand we continue to move forward, faces filled mostly with smiles. The change has been immense and the littles are now getting used to sharing two homes without their mama and papa sharing in one. Mama and Papa are however finding our balance within our new roles in one anothers lives and I'm proud to say that this start to our co-parenting journey has been filled with nothing but ease. We remain great friends because at the root of everything there was this awesome friendship and while being in love didn't or couldn't last, love did. We've shared and loved through some of the most life altering experiences together.. The memories and friendship always to hopefully remain.

Our littles continue to amaze me on a daily basis. The biggest being so filled with wisdom at the age of six that I have constantly have to step back and ask "He's six?" It seems that we've been in each other lives as long as I can remember. Growing up with one another, six years hardly seems long as the life we've shared together. I feel his struggles and he is continually effected by what's going on and out of his control. Sometimes he, often actually, he has moments filled with rage and confusion. The thing is that the kid is so bright he's bound to feel everything and share everything, he's been raised on this journey knowing that his feelings matter most and he should feel/speak/show as he pleases but to always try to be mindful of kindness. With what he's going through the kindness has been lacking, but I see his wheels turning and know that his actions even on his cloudy days are intertwined with love. Times are hard but communication is the key and with that we will ride this thing out into the sunset, mama and her first little. And to quote him, while taking a time out for himself and deep in discussion with a friend about growth, actions and reactions he said "I could trace my steps today for tomorrow." and my heart melted. The kids got soul.

Our midlittle has had a case of the gunk this past week. He is slowly on the mend and as always very go with the flow. Growing day by day physically and mentally he's bound and determined to figure things out on his own. He's been working on tieing his shoes but doesn't want to know how to tie them because he already knows, he's brilliant you know, a boy of his own words and his own funky lace tying do-ups. He fills my heart.

Our wee little gal is doing fabulous! Nearly crawling, definitely getting around one way or another already. Filled with waves, and claps. She is growing before my eyes into this little person. This great little person, in fact. One that I look forward to spending my time with. It really is amazing how quickly they grow, each day brings something new. Life is always interesting as a mama.. and I am forever grateful for these little loves of mine.

deep in thought, a quiet rest in her favorite spot.

Monday, April 18, 2011

celebrate this place in this beautiful time and space

to bend and bow but never break
grow and give yet never take

roots running deep like secrets beneath the ground
for hundreds of years to never be found

one with the soil while reaching for the sky
safety and home place to lives that fly

limbs set free to shake, dance and sway
continually connected along the way

one by one your leaves will fall
bright colors gone you still stand tall

wisdom is great and time here is long
to look to you is to keep me strong

you're beauty is one to appreciate
a generous life we must celebrate

when you're all gone who will we be
for we can live a life unknown by a tree


Happy Earth Day week wonderful folks! Hope life finds you well.. I've missed this space!