Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Fresh Start with a Fresh Snowfall

I've decided to give blogging a try.

I really like the idea of recording these moments we share as a family. There really is so much that I want to remember and sometimes at the ripe age of 24 I feel as if my memory is slipping from me. It's hard to think back to six years ago when Dominic was just a baby. I wish I'd recorded more at that time. I feel the same with Owyn's *little-hood* and am already feeling that way about Ellie's first fresh days. I want to retain every single moment I have with these littles because I know time will keep on moving steadily towards the future. So that, my friends, is what this blog will be. My memory savin' place!

The littles have had a case of the icky's here. There have been many sleepless nights this past week. Or heck, there have many sleepless nights this past month! We are currently battling pink eye in both of the boys and a horrible cold that Ellie caught from us after months of obsessive hand washing between the boys and I. We just can't win right now.. Or so it would seem. The thing is that even with the sickness of today it's been one hellava good day! I love when I get to spend school days here at home with the boys. I like being all together under one roof and even more so when I know there are places we should be.. (Yup, I'm a hermit!) On Monday night when I learned of Tuesdays possible snowfall I was ecstatic! I looked at Matt and said "I wish I could keep the boys home tomorrow!" when he asked why I explained that I wanted to be able to share that special moment of the year with them. He told me I was strange and asked if my mom was as strange as I am when we were kids.I guess he figures it has to come from somewhere. Truth is I don't know if Mom did want to keep us home for the first snowfall?!  Probably not since she's not a big fan of snow or winter but I don't care! I'm rockin' with my own mama flow and that's just the kind of weird overly-emotional mama I am. I dig it.. and I think my kids do too!

I did end up sending Dominic to school Tuesday. I wanted to call it off but duty calls and the boys' got to keep up in class. (Little #2 was home with pink eye) As it turns out we really didn't miss the first snow together.. The flakes started falling on the bus ride home and the first thing he said when he walked in the door was *Mom, IT'S SNOWING" So we totally still shared our moment, and yes Matt, it really was that special!

Our Three Littles


  1. I love love LOVE the pic!!! How do you get Littlest to smile like that?!!!!! Amazing <3 I love how much you love being home with your babies :)) I know the feeling well :))

  2. Aaah, when mine were little I was the momma who was sad on the first day of school, who danced about the house with my chillins, singing at the top of my lungs, who painted like a mad woman till the wee hours of the morning to have Jordan come down the stairs and exclaim, "It's like Christmas. I go to bed and wake up to a beautiful surprise.", who cried when they started school from biggest to littlest, and still sheds a tear when they aren't looking, at the beautiful people they have grown to be, and I was the momma who after the advent of the information super highway, bonded with women from all about the world of which I shared a common thread. Keep on keepin on girlie... it's the only way to be.

  3. P.S. Check out: , ,and
    I haven't posted in quite some time... life is soooo busy right now. I'll begin writing again as our next chapter unfolds in 2011.

  4. I'm so excited that you shared your blogs, Aunt Carla! I will be following along!

    I think we might be just a tad bit alike, and I like it! On top of that I LOVE your passion for healthy local and organic foods. You inspire me!