Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Johnny Cash, Baby Wipes, and Christmas Songs.

Each day when Owyn gets home from preschool he has to tell me what his special friend said to him that day. Last week she told him that he should sit with her on the bus. Can you say happy boy? Yesterday she said "Best friends" to him. He was thrilled. If his class only consisted of his teachers and this little girl he'd be just as satisfied as he would with a whole class full of friends!

Today he came home with the biggest smile on his face, and as we were walking up the drive, hand in hand, I began our daily ritual. "Hey buddy! How was school?" This time he played shy smiling and looking down at his Elmo boots. Surely with something on his mind.

These bad boys from Goodwill have been though two, possibly three, boys now and are still going strong.

The second we get in the door he looks as me with his shy smile and says "Wanna know what Shaniya said to me today?" So I asked him what she said, and he, still grinning from ear to ear whispers "Johnny Cash."

Owyn's heard The Ring of Fire plenty of times but the name Johnny Cash was foreign to him. So I went on to tell him who Johnny was.. That he was the guy who sings the song the Ring of Fire that we sometimes listen to. He just said "Oh" and went on with his life. Kind of like "Whatever mom. I don't care who he is. I just like it when she says his name."

So apparently this little girl likes Johnny. Or her parents do. Either way I just love the things kids say. I wish I could bottle their little voices up forever. Like the other day when Dominic exclaimed "Wow mom, it's really puffin' snow out there" When it was snowing. Or the time that Owyn wasn't helping Dom clean up their mess and then he stubbed his toe and started to cry. Dominic looked at him so seriously and said "That's karma Owyn. You just got karamed because you weren't helping me!" Or the way every night after Owyn has finished his veggies at dinner he whines in a I'm really suffereing here, whiniest voice possible, whine,  "Mooooooooom, my tummy hurts" just so he doesn't have to eat his meat. The way that right now he's standing at the top of the steps yelling "Banjo, L-E-B come here right now!!" because we all know that L-E-B spells come, right?

 All of it. Each sentence deserves it's own corked glass bottle.

After school nap, because he still takes them, and it rocks!

Babe, as the boys call her. Also known as Ellie, or the littlest of our littles, has decided upon her favorite toy. Which isn't a toy at all. It happens to be her travel wipes and she loves when I let her play with them!

 To her the sound of the crinkling package is the best noise ever. Waaaaaay better than her crinkle book that is actually, well, a toy! If she were able to write Santa a letter this year it might look something like this...

Dear Santa,
Will you please bring me a package of Earths Best travel wipes. Make sure to have used a few so that it's small enough for me to grasp and crinkle, Mr. Kringle. Also, if you would install a set of milkers on my dad that might be nice too. I'm a huge daddy fan but there just seems to be one small thing missing. Or maybe two.
Ellie Mae

Santa just might like this outfit so much that Ell gets everything she wants for Christmas.
Watch out daddy. ;)

We went to Dominic's Christmas program tonight. They did a play and sang lots of cute Christmas songs. Dominic even got to dance a little bit. He loves dancing. Ell fell asleep on me which left Matt in charge of the picture taking so.. ::cough:: it's quantity not quality ::cough:: ::cough:: Love you babe.

"What a bright time, it's the right time, to rock the night away"

Rock the night away, we did. Now I'm ready to crawl in between my two smallest littles and snuggle up tight. Goodnight all.


  1. Are those candy canes on her skirt? LOVE IT.

  2. "Each sentence deserves it's own corked glass bottle. "

  3. I love it. I love it. I LOVE it!!! :)) Keep writing, Mama -- I'm lovin it :))

  4. adorable!!love your style mama!