Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cozy Solstice

Today has been one of those nice winter days. The kind that leaves you feeling all cozy and warm inside and out.

We are enjoying winter break to it's fullest. The boys have spent the day playing with one another. Mostly on their beds because the new bed quilts they got for Christmas are a huge hit. There have been few spats between the two today, and mostly just kindness. Which makes this mamas day a million times easier.

They're buds.
Ellie even got to spend time on the big boy beds while mama picked up the mess that said boys decided they weren't going to clean.

Doesn't she look thrilled?

She just needed some goofy mama entertainment.
Works every time.

And I think she found a new favorite toy.
She really likes the sound of the maraca but sometimes she gets a little wild and
cracks herself in the face with it. Silly girl.
I spent the day cleaning around the house and spiffying up some white onsies. One (the one she's wearing above) I cut the design from an old onsie that was given to us by a dear friend. I was having a hard time getting rid of the onsie even though it was way tight, so I thought this was a clever way to keep it in rotation. I also whipped up two more designs, one pine tree and one yellow tulip. They look super cute.. and now my girls got some cute new clothes. Stay tuned for pictures. 

I'm off to celebrate the solstice with chicken tacos and board games in front of the fireplace with my dear and our littles. Doesn't that just scream cozy?

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