Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Masterpiece

Our biggest little is very into writing and drawing and most often when he shows me one of his masterpiece's my heart swells, and this one was no different. Except maybe that this time I was wondering if my heart was going to jump up out of my throat and wrap it's ventricles around him like arms. Nah, but seriously, this one melted me. I am blessed to have such a cool little man to share my time with. This little is wise beyond his years.

Love is when I get together with my family and animals. It makes me feel like love.
                                                           -Dominic Isaiah


  1. "It makes me feel like love" - seriously!? I can see what you mean with the bit about the ventricles and whatnot. That is just heart-stoppingly sweet!

  2. I agree with Melissa!!!! <3 Just SWEET! <3 Definitely a keeper forever :))))