Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Through

Our girls got a tooth!

It's not all the way in yet but I can feel the sharp little edges poking through her gums. I was able to feel that it had come through on Tuesday, and today it still looks about the same. But with her attitude I can tell that it's still working hard to make it's way above the surface.

The boys both got their first tooth in their fifth month too. Looks like Ell is following in their footsteps. It amazes me that we are already teething. It just doesn't seem possible that all this time has passed since she's come into the world. She's nearly half a year old. Yikes. Slow down baby, and be my baby forever, please?

It looks like she's saying "No mama, I want this many teeth."

1 comment:

  1. You must be kidding me!!! Woot Woot, how exciting! I totally understand when u say you want her to stay your baby forever. I SO feel the same with Charlekinz... I mean... They were just born... All helpless and tiny in our arms! now all they wanna do is count their teeth an run away lol She is so totally adorable. My daughter asked "who's that?" and I replied that it was charlys futur wife. She asked how I knew that was gonna happen and I let her know that Ells momma and I were gonna make sure of that hehe